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First Period Worcester Porcelain Sauceboat Two-Porter Landscape c.1770


Code: FA0870


W: 14cm (5.5")H: 7.3cm (2.9")D: 7.3cm (2.9")

A charming 18th century Worcester blue and white press-moulded small sauceboat or creamboat painted with the two-porter landscape pattern, c.1770. On the reverse is a floral pattern with further floral sprays inside the base, to the spout and handle and a shaped border inside the rim. Open crescent mark to the base. 

It measures 14.5cm (5 3/4") long, 7.3cm (2 7/8") wide and 7.3cm (2 7/8") high.

Condition is excellent with no damage or restoration, minimal surface wear and no discolouration. The painting is lovely and crisp with no running during firing except very slightly to the floral spray on the spout. There is also a short firing line in the outer glaze running a little way up the spout. A lovely example, ready for display or regular use.