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First Period Worcester Kakiemon Palette Slop Bowl

£325.00 Approx $406.25, €384.62

Code: FA0663


W: 15.3cm (6")H: 7.5cm (3")D: 15.3cm (6")

Pretty Worcester slop bowl painted with oriental flowers in a kakiemon palette, c.1770, with beautiful fresh colours of turquoise, lilac, red and bright green with selected gilded elements. A fine red border runs around the inner rim and a small flowers painted in the centre of the base.

It measures 15.3cm (6") wide and 7.5cm (3") high. 

Condition is very good with no damage or restoration. Very light surface wear in the main with just a couple of tiny marks to the external enamels but some more wear to the flower device inside the base.