Unusual Victorian Sloped Threaded & Cut Glass & Silver Match Striker

Unusual Victorian Sloped Threaded & Cut Glass & Silver Match Striker

Code: FA1576


H: 6.3cm (2.5")

£265.00 Approx $335.44, €309.94

A good looking and novel Victorian silver and cut glass vesta with a pyramidal cut glass body with an elongated slice cut panel of threaded glass to act as the match striker. The shape is an unusual form with an angled base with the threaded section dominating the extended area of the wall. The well inside has been designed to work with the angled form, being heavily offset towards the shorter side to allow the matches to still stand vertically rather than flush with the opening as would be with a standard vertical model. The silver collar has an engraved initial E and is hallmarked for Birmingham 1897, makers Horton & Allday.

It measures 6.3cm (2 1/2") high, 7.2cm (2 3/4") wide and 7.6cm (3") front to back.

In very good condition, there are some minor chips / nicks to some of the high points of the pyramids and a few at the edge of the base but nothing significant. A couple of very minor dings to the silver.

When I first laid eyes on this unusual shape my initial thoughts wondered if the piece had been altered at some point as I haven't seen one of these strikers angled in this way before but it is clear upon handling and inspection that this is the original design.