Unusual Royal Worcester Triple 3-In-1 Ornithological Bird Vase

Unusual Royal Worcester Triple 3-In-1 Ornithological Bird Vase

Code: FA0910


W: 8.5cm (3.3")H: 12.8cm (5")D: 9cm (3.5")

£210.00 Approx $261.19, €245.9

Striking Victorian porcelain 3 in 1 vase by Royal Worcester, each vase painted with a garden bird amongst foliage, a goldfinch on the front and a male and female bullfinch on the two taller vases. Twin shaped and gilded handles sit either side of the front vase and a similar shaped loop acts to tie all three together at the back. Gilded rims edged finely in black and sea scroll bands in gold and black decorate the foot of the front vase and neck of the others. Printed mark to the base of the front vase and diamond registration mark to one other, c.1875-80

It measures 12.8cm (5") high, 8.5cm (3 3/8") wide and 9cm (8 1/2") front to back.

Condition is very good: there is a very small and neat area of restoration to the foot rim of the front vase, minimally noticeable, just the re-gilding being a touch brighter. There is also a fine hairline through the gold lug at the back. Surface wear is minimal, just a very tiny bit of wear to the gilding in one or two places on a rim and handle. The enamelled scenes are in fine order. The factory mark is not clearly printed and the registration mark is worn being printed flat on the surface. For completeness, there is a short firing line to the neck of one of the bottle vase.