18th Century Sevres Porcelain Trembleuse Cup & Saucer Hop Trellis

18th Century Sevres Porcelain Trembleuse Cup & Saucer Hop Trellis

Code: FA0962


A very striking 18th century Sevres porcelain trembleuse cup and saucer ("gobelet et soucoupe enfonce"), the tall tapered cup designed to fit into a deep welled saucer to aid those with unsteady hands. Decorated with a bold design of alternating panels of vertical red lines bound in raised gilt, and hanging garlands covered with berries. The blue borders are shaped and decorated with gilding with dentil rims and the split handle is also highlighted in gilt. Blue interlaced LLs to the bases. This design and variations of were copied at the Worcester manufactory later in the century and are thereby known as the "hop trellis" patterns. 

The cup measures 8.8cm (3 1/2") high, 8.5cm (3 3/8") rim to rim and 10.8cm (4 1/4") rim to handle. The saucer measures 15.5cm (6 1/8") wide and 4cm (1 9/16") high.

Condition is very good with no damage or restoration. There is some handling wear to the raised gilding: on the rims, to that on the blue enamel around the edge of the well on the saucer and around the foot of the cup and a small amount of wear to the blue enamel at the very bottom of the cup also. There is also a bit of wear to the gilt wrapped over the red lines on the cup, again just from handling the raised gilding. That on the saucer is fine as is the main enamel decoration on both pieces.