Rare 18th Century Derby Porcelain Potting / Flower Pot & Stand c.1760

Rare 18th Century Derby Porcelain Potting / Flower Pot & Stand c.1760

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A very rare Derby porcelain flower / plant pot with its stand saucer dish. Tapered sides with flared rim and central drainage hole in the base. The pot is painted with fancy birds in landscapes in enamels with bugs and butterflies and the stand is painted with butterflies. Both with red-brown enamel rims. c.1760-1765.

Reference: Derby Porcelain The Golden Years, Rice, pages 48-49, 60 - inventories from the period of order lists document a couple of items which could be this type of flower pot: "potting pots" and "polyanthus pots", and Appendix 4, page 206, documents pots and stands matching this example in shape and size recorded in sales at Christie's in 1982.

The pot measures 10.5cm (4 1/16") high and 12.5cm (4 15/16") wide. The stand is not perfectly circular (distorted from manufacture) and measures 12cm (4 3/4") at the widest point and 3.5cm (1 3/8") high.

In excellent condition: the pot has a very small and unobtrusive area of restoration on the bottom edge (appears just a filled chip) but no other damage repair or restoration. Some expected minor surface scratches around the bottom inch and cracks in the glaze on the inside base. Minor surface wear otherwise, mainly just to the brown enamel on the rim. The stand has a hairline which has been stabilised. No other damage, repair or restoration and again minor handling wear, mainly to the rim. A very little discolouration inside the base as to be expected.