Fine Victorian Carved Mother Of Pearl & Abalone Card Case

Fine Victorian Carved Mother Of Pearl & Abalone Card Case

Code: FA1195


An exquisite Victorian visiting card case in mother of pearl and abalone shell. The frame on each side formed with the abalone in triangular cut sections. One side has a spectacular deeply and intricately carved panel of mother of pearl depicting a bouquet of flowers. The panel is thicker in the centre with the carving going from over 1/4" deep to very fine surface engraving of the very fine detail. This is framed with a slim arrangement of mother of pearl with pretty hand engraved detail. On the other side within a slightly smaller abalone border is another large panel of mother of pearl, flatter and very finely hand engraved with detailed floral and foliate pattern within a pretty border. The edges are in strips of mother of pearl. A small white metal cartouche on the top edge with engraved monogram. Lined inside with red velvet. 

It measures 10.1cm (4") high, 8cm (3 1/8") wide and 1.3cm (1/2") deep. 

Condition is very good overall: there are a few fine cracks to the edge strips, some very minor losses around the hinge and two very small areas of abalone have been restored at the edge but you do have to be looking for them to notice. The main panels are in excellent condition. The hinge and opening mechanism are fine. Slight curling of the red velvet lining.