Large Victorian Minton Sevres Style Square Jardiniere

Large Victorian Minton Sevres Style Square Jardiniere

Code: FA0933


W: 21cm (8.3")H: 28.8cm (11.3")


An impressive and handsome Minton jardiniere, produced in the Sevres style, of square form set on block feet with elegant finials to each corner. Printed in puce, each side has a background of white stylised flowers in a geometric pattern against a puce ground and in the centre is a quatrefoil reserve framed in gilt. In each is a different, and very finely detailed, bat printed scene of Cupid getting up to mischief in 3 of them, trying to shoot his arrow at a duck and trying to ride a goat, and a putto in the last 
one gathering fruit in a basket. The feet and finials are highlighted in gold.

Various impressed marks, partially obscured by shallow printing and being overglazed and difficult to make them all out but they include the date cypher clearly for 1860.

It measures 28.8cm (11 3/8") high and 21cm (8 1/4") wide. 

Condition is very good; 3 of the finials have been professionally restored and decorated to match the current original where the gilding has aged gently over time so they match perfectly and are near enough invisibly different. There is a small flake that has been repaired to the rim on one side. The feet have some wear to the gilding and there are a couple of small shallow chips. Inside there is some surface wear, mainly in the centre of each side, the top few inches have some scratching and glaze wear. The base inside is lightly crazed and a bit discoloured but overall the inside is in very good and clean condition for a Victorian jardiniere.