Unusual Dutch Silver Novelty Miniature Wall Sconce

Unusual Dutch Silver Novelty Miniature Wall Sconce

Code: FA0847


A sweet and unusual miniature piece of continental silver, probably late 19th century Dutch, but unmarked. Cast as a wall plaque with rococo style frame with central image which depicts two people drawing water up by a bucket on a chain out of a brick well. It has 2 candle sconces slotted into the front, the candle arms are fully moveable and the holders with rope twist detailing. It has a small pin hole pierced at the top to allow it be displayed as designed.

It measures 6cm (2 3/8") high, 4.4cm (1 3/4") wide and up to 2cm (3/4") deep depending on the position of the candle arms. It weighs 21g/0.7ozt.

Condition is very good with no damage or repairs. Surface wear is light, slight rubbing to the faces but the features can still be seen and the whole scene is clear and lower level detail is fine.