Victorian George Jones Majolica Thrush Bird Tray

Victorian George Jones Majolica Thrush Bird Tray

Code: FA0708


W: 26.5cm (10.4")H: 13cm (5.1")D: 23.5cm (9.3")


Decorative George Jones majolica server tray with moulded leaves and blossom set against a turquoise ground with ochre yellow rim. Mounted with a sweet little thrush bird standing on a branch. 

Marked to the reverse with the factory seal including written model number 2556 and the registration lozenge mark, dating to 1869. Referenced in George Jones Ceramics 1861-1951 by Cluett, figure 76.

It measures 26.5cm (10 3/8") wide, 23.5cm (9 1/4") deep and 13cm (5 1/4") high. 

Condition is very good; there has been a good quality, professional repair/restoration to the legs, tail, left wing tip and branch where the bird clearly parted company with the dish at some point. No other damage or repair and very light surface wear in the main, but the glaze has been rubbed on the end of its beak (the pale section you can see on the foot below and to the left of the tail is just where the glaze didn't cover during firing).