Victorian George Jones Majolica Pink Fox Dish Tray

Victorian George Jones Majolica Pink Fox Dish Tray

Code: FA0716


W: 28.2cm (11.1")H: 10cm (3.9")D: 24.5cm (9.6")

£415.00 Approx $525.32, €484.25

Charming George Jones majolica tray with a fox creeping out of the foot rim and over the edge on one side and his tail wrapped around the foot of the dish and up over the rim on the other. The dish features a pale pink ground, ochre rim and overlapping moulded maple leaves. Very finely modeled detail to the fox facial features, paws and texture of the fur. 

Marked to the back with black painted model number 2272 over 1 in unglazed thumbprint and diamond registration stamp. Design registered in 1869, and the lozenge mark shows date letter H for this date also.

Reference: George Jones Ceramics 1861-1951, Cluett, plate 38.

It measures 28.2cm (11 1/8") wide, 24.5cm (9 1/8") deep and 10cm (4") high. 

Condition is very good, the tip of both ears have been professionally restored. A firing line under the tail has been invisibly filled also. Surface wear is light, just a few small and light patches of discolouration under the pink glaze in places and a couple of areas of the rim where the ochre is uneven but this appears to be from application rather than rubbing I think. A very nice example.