First Period Worcester Old Japan Fan Chocolate Cup, Cover & Stand

First Period Worcester Old Japan Fan Chocolate Cup, Cover & Stand

Code: FA0903


A fabulous complete Worcester porcelain chocolate cup set with matching stand and cover in the striking "Old Japan Fan" pattern, c.1768-1770. All pieces with corresponding waisted form with shaped rims, the cup with ornate twin handles and the cover with a flower bud knop. Underglaze blue forms the basis of the pattern, then enameled in red and green and all finished with gilt detailing. Pseudo oriental marks to the cup and stand.

The set together measures 13cm (5 1/8") high. The stand measures 14.7cm (5 3/4") wide and 4.8cm (1 7/8") high. The cover measures 11.5 cm (4 1/2") wide, the cup measures 9.5cm (3 3/4") rim to rim and 14cm (5 1/2) across the handles. The cup alone measures 6.8cm (2 3/4") high and with the cover 12.7cm (5"). 

Condition is very good with some small and minor amounts of professional restoration as follows: the knop of the cover has been restored by fabrication. The cup has had some touching up to a small area around the rim just to the left of one handle. I have thoroughly examined this from all angles and I’m confident this touching up has only been to cover and stabilise a small crack. There is no evidence of any body repair, such as a break or any issues with the handle. The stand also has a similar small area of touching up on the inside near the rim. There has not been any work or touching up on the outside, and I cannot determine exactly what the purpose is of this work but I can confirm there has been no body repair. Both these small areas on the stand and cup only affect the white, the touching up having been shaped around the pattern, clearly having been done professionally and essentially invisibly so the set is perfect for display. 

 There is a little surface wear to the central device inside the base of both cup and stand and some wear to the gilding on the rims. Otherwise, surface wear to the main pattern is minimal. Additionally just to note, the handle to the side of the touched up area has a small area of cracking half way down which are faults from firing and there is a firing line to the side of the flange inside the cover.