Tunning 11

Tunning 11" Meissen Figure Group The Apple Pickers C.1880

Code: FA0237


Fabulous large 19th century Meissen porcelain figure group known as "The Apple Pickers" dating from c.1880. A lovely detailed piece; it depicts a group of children and their mother gathering apples. A tall ladder leans up against a tree with a young lad at the top, leaning precariously to reach an apple. Below, his brother is catching the apples in his upturned hat and his mother in her gathered apron. The youngest is sitting at the foot of the tree eating the spoils.

Crossed through underglaze blue mark with pommels to base and incised number 1998 and impressed model number 127.

It measures 11" high , 6 1/4" wide by 4".

Condition is very good for age with no current damage bar some losses to the leaves on the branches. There are a few small areas of very good quality restoration as follows: the left arm of the young lad seated, the rim of the hat holding the apples and the handle of the basket on the ground behind the tree.