Minton Porcelain Figure With Lace Reclining Lady With Sweetmeat Basket

Minton Porcelain Figure With Lace Reclining Lady With Sweetmeat Basket

Code: FA1047


W: 13cm (5.1")H: 14cm (5.5")L: 17cm (6.7")


A rare Minton porcelain figure in the Dresden style, of a half reclining lady holding a large basket in the floor in front of her set on a scrolled gilded base. Exquisitely decorated in finely detailed enamels with gilding as Minton did so very well and rarely embellished with a good amount of delicate imitation lace and very finely applied wafer thin ribbons and flowers to the sleeves and bodice. The lace extends in a panel up the front of the bodice, in multiple bands around the arms, around the head scarf and tie, the layers of the skirt and also to form a necklace and hanging earrings.  Model number 57 she would originally have come with a male companion in mirror pose, c.1840. Unmarked as is usual. 

Reference: Minton Pottery & Porcelain Of The First Period 1793-1850 by Godden, colour plate X, and pages 87 for a discussion of the applied imitation lace applied rarely to some models and page 91 for details of this model.

It measures 17cm (6 3/8") long, 13cm (5 1/8") deep and 14cm (5 1/2") high.

Condition is excellent and that of the lace is remarkable. No damage, repairs or restoration (neck, limbs and fingers are all fine) and hardly any losses to the lace at all. The lower tip of one side of the necklace has gone and some very small sections to the hem of the skirt and bodice trim. There are traces of lace stuck to the legs which may indicate a loss in this area but studying the design I think it more likely that some of the lace stuck erroneously here rather than the legs being covered up with lace. The papery ribbons and flowers also look perfect. Minimal handling wear to enamel or gilding.