Victorian Blue & White Overlay Glass Butter Dish Silver Cow Cover

Victorian Blue & White Overlay Glass Butter Dish Silver Cow Cover

Code: FA0572

£945.00 Approx $1175.37, €1106.56

A very striking and fine quality cut glass butter dish and stand, German or Bohemian, with double layer blue and white overlay, cut-to-clear in a pattern of large circles and quatrefoil and trefoil shapes. The stand with star cut centre and the tub with raised trefoil shaped lug side handles. The cover is English sterling silver and I believe it to be an original combination as the cover fits absolutely perfectly around the handles and the glass dates to the same period as the silver, c.1840-1850. 

The silver cover has fine and ornate engraved decoration to frame a vacant cartouche on either side  and is mounted with a finely detailed model of a recumbent cow. Both cover and cow have a full set of hallmarks for Sheffield 1847, makers Hawksworth, Eyre & Co. 

It measures 11.5cm (4 1/2") high. The stand is 16cm (6 1/4") wide and the tub is 12cm (5 3/4") rim to rim and 15.6cm (6 1/8") across the handles. 

Condition is very good. The glass is in excellent condition with no damage, chips or cracks or any issues with the overlaid layers. The cow has a couple of minor issues, there has been a very small tear and loss to the lower line of her front left leg and 2 small tears near the top of her front right leg. It is also missing one of the fixings that hold it to the cover but the other one holds it perfectly secure. The cover is in good order, the engraved detail is clear, hallmarks fractionally rubbed and some slight marks to the flat disc the cow sits on where she has moved against it, the fixings not having been fully tightened in the past. A beautiful piece that displays superbly and ready for use.