Chamberlain Worcester Baden Shape Coffee Cup c.1815

Chamberlain Worcester Baden Shape Coffee Cup c.1815

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An early Chamberlain Worcester porcelain coffee cup in the Baden shape, flared from the base and with a kidney shape ring handle. Finely painted in brown enamel, a sepia effect landscape and with an inner border of gilt beads within gilt bands, gilt foot rim and detail to the handle. Unmarked but likely to be pattern number 441 "Baden, fine brown views all round & bead border" or 450 "Brown views different and gold bead border", the latter sounding most likely from the pattern records.

Reference: Chamberlain Worcester Porcelain by Godden.

It measures 6.5cm (2 1/2") high and ((2 13/16") rim to rim.

Condition is very good with no damage or repair. Some wear to the gilt beads and rim mainly on one side. The enamel is fine.