Caughley Porcelain Fluted Tea Bowl & Saucer Dresden Flowers c.1785

Caughley Porcelain Fluted Tea Bowl & Saucer Dresden Flowers c.1785

Code: FA0792


A very pretty matched Caughley porcelain tea bowl and saucer, c.1785-1790, with near identical* decoration of "Dresden flowers" in underglaze blue with the addition of gilding (likely having been outsourced to the Chamberlain factory for the gilding). The centre of each piece has an identical daisy type flower and the border around the rim has blue circles with gold curve inside each one and gold decoration between each one. The border is framed with a sandwiched band of blue between gold. The tea bowl has a blue S mark to the base whilst the saucer is unmarked. The minor differences are noted below but they make a very handsome pairing as I hope shows in the photographs.

(*The differences between the 2 pieces is that the saucer has straight borders whilst the tea bowl has wavy ones, and between the blue dots, the saucer has an asymmetrical pattern of lines styled as foliage where the tea bowl has a similar symmetrical design. The underglaze blue on the saucer is also fractionally darker than than on the bowl.)

The tea bowl measures 5cm (2") high and 8.5cm (3 3/8") wide. The saucer measures 2.8cm (1 1/16") high and 14cm (5 1/2") wide. 

Condition is very good: there is a small chip to the foot rim of the saucer and a little bit of usual fritting. Surface wear is light with just a little wear to the gilding on the saucer and to the glaze at some of the high points of the fluting. The tea bowl ha s a small firing fault at the rim.